Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another great trip to the desert

I'm recently back from another stint as drill-site geologist for the Utah Geological Survey's West Desert monitoring well drilling project. This time around: super fall weather, interesting geology, and wild horses!

Here was one of the drill sites. This one is about a one hour drive on gravel roads to the Border Inn where I was staying. Way out there. The rocks in front are Cambrian-aged dolomite. Very cool to drill through and hike around in.

And this not-so-fabulous hotel room is where I get to stay sometimes when I'm out there.

And here are our facilities. Just kidding.
I went for an evening hike. Overhead were F-16 fighter jets practicing their bombing targets. I was hoping they did not have me in their sights.

At Fish Springs National Wildlife Refuge I get to stay in this very nice new bunkhouse all by myself sometimes.

So all in all, a great trip.

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