Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2008 Highlights from Drew's perspective

Each one of those 365 days was filled with wonderful memories and experiences. I would like to say another year older... another year wiser, but 2009 is still in its infancy!

2008 Bike Statistics

307: Hours on the bike
2,465: Miles on the bike
261,686: Feet of climbing

Best Ride:
This past year Lucy and I embarked on several grand adventures. 2008 will be remembered as a year in the saddle for both of us. Our main goal was to train for and race in the 2008 BC Bike race. This required countless hours in the saddle and time away from some of the other things we enjoy in life. The race took place on the British Columbia coast which is known for its very technical riding. Unfortunately the "endurance" race was only in its second year running and there were many logistical issues we encountered which hampered our progress. Day after day we raced on incredibly difficult trail systems. Our bodies and our bikes were pulverized! Lucy and I thought it was our lack of skills which kept us from completing each stage in higher standings, but seeing B.C. locals stumble out of the woods bloodied with complete bicycle frames snapped in two we knew that the course had been advertised as an endurance event, but designed as a highly technical "freestyle" type course. In the end we finished the race, but not without misfortune. Lucy had a mechanical on day three which forced her out of the final standings. What I witnessed on days 4-7 was a woman more determined than ever to complete the race. She could have easily throttled back and enjoyed the rest of the week, but she came back with a vengeance. With long days in the saddle, incredible heat, and lots of personal pain she rode by my side. I was humbled by the experience and so proud of her. Races are usually scored by rankings as one crosses the finish line. For me endurance races have always been races against myself. In 2008 I won a personal race with my wife. We bonded on so many different levels! That week up in B.C. 2008 will be a very dear memory for me!

The year can also be summed up by Lucy's reactions as seen through my eyes. In 2008 there were the "Good", "Crazy", and "Ugly" times.
  • 1) Were going to Moab for a long weekend

2) The latest bulb and seed catalogue just arrived

  • 3) I am spending time with Drew

4) Time to go start the tiller and work in the backyard

5) Three days on the White Rim with Drew and friends

6) This haircut looks really good!


1) You want to do both the BC Bike race and the AMC race in 2008!

2) That is such a lame joke

3) I just spent 4 days in my office with no windows reviewing a publication on my computer!

4) I am having a bad hair day!


1) You signed me up for another race!

2) What do you mean it is Monday morning already!
3) Drew has to go back to work.

4) Time to move my summer clothes in to
the basement for storage and get ready for winter.

5) Ohhhhhhh I need a haircut!

So 2008 has come and gone. It was a wonderful year and 2009 looks promising as well. We look forward to seeing all of you soon and sharing some wonderful adventures. Just remember the following in 2009:

"We can not tell you where the journey will lead,

because you're the one who sets the goal!"

Happy 2009 Every-one!

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