Saturday, April 25, 2009

The man cave

Drew has been working very hard on finishing the inside of the man cave, a.k.a. our new deluxe two-car garage. He insulated and drywalled (with some hired help), then textured and painted the walls. Seriously, the walls look nicer than the walls inside our primary residence.

He gets Handyman magazine, an endless source of fun project ideas. From the plans in the mag, he built this super cool and handy tool caddy for all of our manual-labor yard implements. This is so much nicer than the clump they had been in before, and the cheesy plastic hanger I had installed at my old house.

We recently had copper gutters installed on the front section of the garage. They look very cool and classy and remind me of my working-in-the-copper-mine days. We got an estimate for the copper gutters last year, at the peak of commodity prices when copper was $4 a pound.

For this small section you see in the picture plus aluminum for the rest of the garage, the price was something like $2500!!! Needless to say, we did not opt for them at that time. Prices have plummeted since then (see chart), and contractors are hard up, so we scored a much better deal.

The man cave is not finished, but it is comin' along nicely.


  1. The man cave looks great. I really like copper gutters. The man cave is nicer than my house.

    With the crappy weather today I had lay some more tile. I still have 75 sq feet to install but it is getting closer. With a little luck and some more bad weather I could have it done in two weeks. Lets hope the weather is good and it takes longer.

  2. Your garage is so dang awesome, it makes ours look like the ghettos of Detroit

  3. Way to time the market for your gutters!