Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December holiday activities

December for lots of people is occupied by shopping trips to big stores for toys their kids will like for a week.  Since we don't have kids, no shopping. Hooray!  Instead, our holiday activities involve riding bikes in our living room,...

digging holes for the modified pergola we are putting up in the muddy backyard,...

and scalping parts off a free donor VW Westy that an acquaintance donated to the Bobke project.  Doesn't the donor (gold van on the left in the picture above) make Bobke look spiffy?

I also completed my final installation trip to the West Desert this week.  (Check out those snazzy insulated Carhartt bibs.  I'm telling you, Jennifer Aniston will be wearing them at Sundance this year.)  The Snake Valley surface-water monitoring network is in place and data should be posting live next week!  I will still get to visit the sights regularly for maintenance, but trips won't be as long or as frequent.  What a lot of fun fieldwork this project has involved.  Data analysis should prove interesting, if not as fun.

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