Saturday, May 22, 2010

Race Report: Sundance Spin and Hammerfest at the Hollow. Intermountain Cup mountain bike race series races 4 & 5

Last weekend's Sundance Spin, at Robert Redford's Sundance Mountain Resort in Provo Canyon is a great course, once I realized it.  I have never liked this course in previous years, but this year, it was really fun.  Probably because now that I am in the Expert Women category, there is less passing traffic on the first narrow singletrack.  Anyway, it was cold at the start but the sunshine warmed us up.  I had on OK race and felt just fine all the way through, but only ended up 4 out of 6.

But hey, I'm famous.  In this Park City TV video I go zooming by the camera at 1:45.  For our non-biker readers, the video also gives you an idea of what mountain bike racing is like.  Fun times.  (You can click  on the video and it will bring up a new window so you can see the whole width.)

Today was Hammerfest at the Hollow at Soldier Hollow Nordic ski area near Midway, Utah.  After an almost dusty pre-ride yesterday, the clouds came in and it started to rain on my drive back home. Down in Salt Lake, the rain came down all night into our temporary backyard "swimming pool"*, which honestly worried me more than having to race a muddy course in the morning.  The forecast was for a low of mid 30s, a high of mid 50s, adn100% chance of rain for the race venue.  Possible snow accumulation.  I packed my bag anyway.

* Stay tuned for our next post.

I woke to my carpool ride bailing on me and a picture message from my friend who lives in Park City of his back yard covered in snow. He bailed too. The Tweets from the race organizer gave me hope, even on the drive up to Park City.

But upon arrival at Soldier Hollow, I was not encouraged.  This is what the course looked like.  My only thought was that I could win by attrition - maybe no other gals would show up.

Well, it almost worked.  Only Erika T. was there, so I gave it my best shot.  But between bringing my heavier bike, poor tire choice, and cold feet (literally), and a crazy sport guy going down in front of me and almost taking me out, I couldn't hang with her.  Still, I took home a red ribbon,

a can of electrolyte powder for being the default lucky number 5 (since there were only 2 in my cat) and a $20 gift certificate, which I went and spent directly after the race at Brothers Bikes in Heber. Great big shop with excellent customer service and a nice selection of ladies wear.

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