Monday, September 20, 2010

Home Addition: Trim and Floors.

Real progress now!

Some of the trim is starting to go up.  Since they don't make the same kind of trim as we have in the old part of the house, I have been stripping old trim pieces so the carpenters will be able to cobble enough old stuff to finish out the dining room with original trim. For the new rooms, we are trying to get as close as we can by stripping and refinishing some parts for the non-painted trim rooms upstairs and making others out of MDF for the painted-trim areas downstairs.  I think it will look good. It better; it is taking me a long time and a lot of missed glorious biking days to strip the old stuff.

I've also been busy stripping old woodwork in the hallway so that we could put new flooring there.  Five years ago, before I moved into this house with Drew, the hallway looked like this.

Isn't that the most lovely shade of teal carpeting?  Gross. I convinced Drew we should tear it out right before I moved in... 

thinking we would get flooring put down in the next year or so.  Like I said, that was 5 years ago.  Since we needed to have a hardwood floor installer patch a few inches of the dining room floor with 2" unfinished oak flooring to match the existing dining and living rooms, we had him do the hallway last week too, which is why I had to strip the baseboards so the new finish on the flooring wouldn't get messed up when we do get around to stripping the rest of the woodwork.  If that sounds confusing, don't worry, this house is a jigsaw puzzle; you have to put 200 pieces together in just the right order before you can see the big picture.

I didn't think it would be so wonderful to see, but coming home to this after a day at work made me hoot and holler for joy.

The finish will be put on it in a few weeks when they come back to do the other patch and the new stairs.

The same day this hallway was done, they laid the pre-finished rustic oak 3.25" flooring in the kitchen.  Here is how it was looking when I left for work that day.

I don't have an after picture because we covered the floor with cardboard and rugs to protect the finish during the cabinet, countertop, and appliance installation.  It looks good though!!

Drew has been working a ton to try to pay for all of this, so even though he gets to miss out on some of the paint-stripping and contractor-management fun, I still wouldn't trade places with him.

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