Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We're famous

We've seen a bit of publicity lately.

I made it into the September edition of Cycling Utah. Page 12.

The article is about the last race of the I-Cup race series and the overall series results. It has a good action photo of me racing except that it shows my bra.  Note to self: remember that when in the forward leaning cycling position, spectators have a better view angle at your chest area. 

I also had the lead story in the May issue of Survey Notes, the Utah Geological Survey's glossy periodical for the general science-minded public. 

And last on my list of recent publications is my co-editorship of a big volume of papers published under the Utah Geological Association entitled Geology and Geologic Resources and Issues of Western Utah, which you can own for only $28.95. That field trip I helped with last fall was based on this book.

Drew, or should we say Drew's baby, has also had a brush with fame.  The Mustard Truck, his 1976 Toyota Land Cruiser, was used as a prop in a photo shoot for the most recent Athleta catalog. The cruiser is pictured, complete with our Utah license plates, on the high-profile back page...

And several other pages.

How did the Mustard Truck get so famous? Our neighbor's son-in-law is a photographer for Athleta. He saw Drew's truck parked on our street and asked if he could use it in a photo shoot in Park City.  In addition to making us famous, the Toyota earned enough cash to pay for its most recent trip to the service station!  Now that's the kind of vehicle we need. Sorry, Bobke.


  1. Fun stuff! I'm going to have to rub elbows with you two more often :)

  2. Wow, when it rains, it pours, eh? How nice to be recognized, Lucy. As for the Mustard Truck, let's hope this fame doesn't go to its head.

  3. Re: chest area view- you're in good company. Remember the Paola Pezzo jersey-zipper to-do in the '96 Olympics?

    BTW, I saw you at REI today. I waved, smiled and started walking toward you, but you just stared like I was a stranger or something. Then I got closer and realized it wasn't you, but some freaked-out lady with exactly your height, build and haircut.

  4. Thanks y'all. And Watcher, I don't remember the Pezzo zipper thing, but I do remember the publicity surrounding Brandi Chastain ripping off her jersey after winning World Cup soccer in 1999. I'm kinda like her. Oh wait, I guess I'm kinda like that stranger you saw at REI.

  5. I'm so honored to have met the Mustard truck. Man, he is handsome. And, more importantly, you look great in the cycling news photo, the chest shot just confirms that females can ride hard AND be sexy. I love it!

  6. Ok, the Mustard truck is cool, but you are cooler! I'd love to photograph one of your races one of these days! - Jerda