Sunday, December 26, 2010

Home Addition: We like orange, part one.

Way back in late October when had the painters here, we decided to paint the same bright orange we painted the front door back in March on the two sets of double doors on the back of the house.  They looked so great...

that we decided to make the garage doors match.  Say goodbye to the white.

As we were preparing the garage doors, we decided to paint the inside of the front door too.  Problem was, the paint was really thick and the temperature was only about 55, so it didn't dry fast enough to get the second coat on and put it back on the hinges. We had to survive the night with no front door!

It was shocking to watch the painter spray the front door and garage doors.  Wow, that's a lotta orange!

But it looks good and we love it.  We love orange!

1 comment:

  1. The doors look great! I think a brightly colored door is very welcoming. (Ours are a watermelon red.)