Saturday, May 28, 2011

Arborkitty, Aquakitty

At 6 months, the kittens are not so kitten-sized anymore.  They are still extremely cute and do funny things.  Marley we call ArborKitty because she loves to climb trees, fences, pergolas, etc.  Drew has had to rescue her twice from up high in the trees.  She seems to have learned her lesson though, and hasn't been treed for several weeks.

Marley is a cuddle bug. She cries to be held a lot, so in order to get anything done around the house, I have resorted to carrying her in my jacket papoose-style.

Max we call AquaKitty because he loves water.  When we shower, he comes in too and skirts the perimeter for fun.  He doesn't mind walking across the wet deck or driveway or going outside in the rain. We rarely go into the bathroom without him jumping on the counter to get a drink and have a good time.  Here he is playing in the water.

One day I caught Max napping in the paper recycling bin.

So then he played a while while Marley looked on.

They are so much fun to have around.

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  1. Adorable! What great personalities they have and how lucky they are to have adopted you as their parents.