Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day racing

Being a holiday, Drew was working on Memorial Day.  I chose to spend it not racing the Stan Crane Memorial MTB Race as in previous years, but volunteering as a course marshal instead. Wise choice.  With all the rain we had been having and a temperature of 37 that morning, I was glad to be standing out on course with my insulated Carharrt overalls and a rain jacket instead of riding/pushing my bike in race mode.  It was pretty fun to cheer on my teammates and friends instead.

 My former coach Kathy Sherwin leading the slog in front of teammate Dana Harrison.

Teammate and competitor Ellen Guthrie.

Afterward, our Revolution Peak Fasteners team hosted a potluck barbeque.  Too bad Drew had to miss the rhubarb crisp I brought. Yum!

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  1. She promised to save a piece of Rhubarb Crisp for me. So much for promises :(