Sunday, July 31, 2011

Urban camping

I am typing this post from the garage. I am urban camping for the third night in a row.  The house is uninhabitable right now because of noxious polyurethane fumes from having the floors on the main level refinished.  It is a long story that I'll highlight in a future post with pics of the floors, but for now I'll show you my urban camping setup.  I'm sleeping in the garage on a cot. The cats have their own cot, but they choose to sleep on my cot with me.

 It's not too bad actually.  This morning I made a delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs that included sauteed onions and peppers, which I picked from the garden six feet out the back door of the garage. Convenient really.

Hiking around the front of the house, ducking under a bush, shimmying up a ladder and crawling into the spare bedroom through a window to use the toilet and shower, not so convenient.

Drew is on his mancation looking at airplanes with his Dad and our friend Jim.  At least I take pleasure in the fact that he is sleeping in a bunk room with a couple of other guys that snore.

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