Sunday, March 25, 2012

Deck skirt from recycled wood

This weekend was one of the first nice weekends of spring.  Yesterday I rode with my teammate Alison for a long hard ride on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail.  It was awesome.

In the afternoon I thought I would finish a project I had started last fall. As always, things take longer than I expect. I worked until dark last night and all day today - just finished the last two deck skirt panels to match the one I made last fall (hanging on the right in this picture). When Drew gets home I will have him help me hang the two new ones under the sides of the deck that need skirting.

All of the little lattice work on the inside is recycled cedar strips leftover from when we built the pergola two years ago. The strips were destined to be kindling but I saved them! 

I got to use the table saw, compound miter saw, two different types of nail guns, cordless drill, and electric drill. Power tools make a woman feel, well, powerful.

But now I have to clean up the garage because last week Drew cleaned the garage. He even washed the floor! Now there is sawdust from door to door.  :-0   Cleanup is not nearly as fun as playing with power tools!

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