Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Jim!

To remind me of fun summer times, I either go to Southern California to race my mountain bike like I did this past weekend, or I look at old pictures from the summertime.  I was doing the later this morning and found these party photos and videos from when a bunch of us celebrated a friend's birthday by renting the PedalHopper to go bar hopping in downtown SLC via group pedaling effort.

Here is the machine.

The Pedal Hopper
 It comes with a driver, but you supply the pedal power.

Here is an action video.

It was a hoot!  Not every chair has pedals, so we rotated who had to sit on the seats with pedals.  Somehow, Rhonda managed to never sit on a pedal seat!

I would guess our max speed was about 15 mph with the big boys on the pedals. 
Shelly, the organizer, even made us party trays to keep us fueled.

Bystanders gawked and took pictures.

 For our two hour rental, we were allowed 3 bar stops.
Shelly, right, supplied the party hats too.

Birthday Boy Jim, center, surrounded by friends.

After bar hopping, we devoured pizza at Settebello Pizzeria. Yum.  Fun times for a fun friend.

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