Saturday, March 29, 2014

Escape to Florida Part 3: Recover from Disneyworld

Seems funny to be writing about our February escape from winter vacation to Florida when I was gardening today, but alas, I am a slow blogger and I have been extremely busy with work and volunteer commitments, so here we go.  I have a post scheduled for every day at 7 PM for then next few days, so you'll be caught up. Oh, and I changed the privacy settings of the videos of Disney in the last post so you the readers can see them now.  Go take a look if you want.

Non-Disney Water Park Day
After Disney, we needed to rest.  I don't say that figuratively because our brains were overloaded from the extra stimuli. I say that literally because I had shin splints!  No kidding.  We walked so darn much on that concrete that I was crippled.  So to enjoy a very lovely 80 degree and sunny Florida day, we hung out by the pool.
Drew was under the shade caonopy across the pool. I was enjoying some Vitamin D.

Then we checked out a paddle boat on Big Sand Lake, the lake on which the resort is built.

It was pretty relaxing paddling around, checking out the backyards of the residents across the lake, and playing with my camera.

Loooong camera feet.  The building above our feet is where our room was.
Wear your life vest!!!!

Technicolor toenails.

 After the paddle boat, we tried to work out. Really we did.  We went to the spa/workout facility.  It was kinda lame and they really only wanted to sell us smoothies.  We barely broke a sweat.  We went back to the room and got ready to go out for sushi.

Sushi in Florida is different than sushi in Utah.  Fresher perhaps?!  Yum city!!  Really great rolls and an even greater date partner.
Super relaxing day. This is vacation!

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