Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Shred Oregon: Notes on RVing


As we are new to RVing, I think it is necessary to say a few words about RV park camping. 
A. It is luxurious compared to tent camping at “unimproved” sites or even national forest campground camping.  I find I am already soft and want hot showers and laundry facilities.  Maybe I am really 43.
B. I miss seeing other campers. People at RV parks go into their huge coaches and watch TV or something and you don’t really see anyone out and about Camping. 
Our secluded RV site

At RV parks, you don’t see as much of this “laundry day” activity as you do at regular campgrounds.

Some logistics

“People” have been asking about the inside of Dewey. (His name is Dewey after the previous owner, and because who doesn't want to have fun in a van named Dewey?) Here you can see that it is, in fact, similar to a space shuttle, but much more comfortable.
View toward the back of the van.  Couch on the right slides out to meet couch on the left for a small bed.  Refrigerator and microwave center of photo.  Orange blob is the sleeping bag on top of the toilet (love the toilet in the car idea). Sink is forward of the toilet.  Pop top is up. Bed (white thing on the ceiling) comes down to sit on top of the ledge above the microwave. We both fit up there but it sure isn’t the same as our queen sized bed.

View from the double doors. Captain’s chair passenger seat swivels around to make nice seating area.

And the bike rack on the back holds the kids securely.