Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Shred Oregon Day 11: The End

After the beauty of Crater Lake, we had the long drive home ahead of us.  We dicide to break it into two days.  Heading east through Oregon we went through Drew's Valley and Drew's Ranch.  How nice they had that waiting for Drew.

We drove across some amazing landscapes.  I admit, I am partial to the wide open, dry, geology-rich spaces compared to the lush dense forests of the We(s)t Coast.   We went up one mountain front in southern Oregon that blew my mind.  It doesn't really look like much in these photos, but the structure written in  the rocks was startling.

To break up the drive from OR to UT, I researched a hot spring mid way on the journey. On around 6 PM we found our destination: Bog Hot Spring near Denio, Nevada.   Drew was cautiously pessimistic about it on our approach down a powdery double track with no vegetation in sight, but upon reaching the spring, he was pleasantly surprised.

There were a couple of other people coming and going, but they paid no mind to our little stream-side camp.

Here is the spring head.  An oasis in the desert. LITERALLY.

A video of the bubblin'.

After a superb soak in the deliciously warm and thick, metalic water (I always feel like mineral hot springs are "thick" water) ...

 it was time for dinner.  Grilled sausages, deli salads, and good microbrews made us feel so at home but in a desert wilderness kind of way.  THE BEST KIND OF WAY!

we settled in for a dark and quiet night with hundreds of moths fluttering around Dewey.  It was good to be back in the desert.

Drew and I and the bikes agreed that Shred Oregon, with its waterfalls, small cities with friends and relatives, new and different mountain bike trails, and good beer had been one the best vacations we could remember!

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  1. Your comment about feeling good to be back in the desert is familiar. It always feels good to be back in the green valley after a trip away for me! PS, loved the video of the bubbling hot springs :)