Sunday, August 10, 2014

Breck Epic bike race Days -2 through Day 1

Drew and our friend Jim decided it would be fun to do the Breck Epic 6-day mountain bike stage race this year.  I knew better.

Here are some updates and photos he has been sending me.

Thursday (Day -2 in my time accounting strategy.)
 -Packed and ready to go

-Evening spin on Emerald Mtn in Steamboat Springs Co after a 6 hour car ride.

Friday (Day -1) they arrived in Breckenridge to acclimate for a Sunday start. Saturday (Day 0) they picked up their race packets and went for a little spin.

And fueled up for the big day.

 -The view from the condo they rented.

Day 1

Race start was 8:30 AM.  Both Drew and Jim posted a link on Facebook so I could follow them live through their Garmins. It is comforting to me to see their little dots moving slowly through the forest throughout the day since that tells me they are not on stretchers.

Drew posted this: "Incredible high alpine trails today. Started out without a cloud in the sky. Things change real fast around here. 68F for the high and 44F for the low. Threatening clouds and thunder but the rain held off until the end. 36 miles, 5000' of climbing. I finished in 4:22 and placed 46/86 men's 40 solo division. I really enjoy the grassroots feel of this event. Time to go roll around on the floor and stretch......" Editor's note: that  big white tube thing in the first picture is Drew's beloved foam roller which he used to roll out tired muscles.

Here is the Garmin track.

And the stats from his Garmin:
Avg speed 7.94 mph
Time 4:22 (4 hours 22 min)
Distance 34.69 mi.
Elevation gain 4692 feet

Jim said "Awesome single track and the terrain at 11k feet is crazy. On the flip side, I'm not sure I've ever pushed my bike that much."

Good job on Day 1, guys!

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