Friday, November 21, 2014

Return to normalcy. Well, OK, to blogging anyway.

For the last three autumns, Drew and I have been so engrossed in coaching high school mountain biking...

Proof: Utah High School League Coach of the Year

that my blog has severely suffered from neglect.  I have missed blogging terribly.  I blog primarily to document the significant happenings of my life in a creative way. I like to look at my pictures and put them together to make a story about the trips, the work, and the projects Drew and I do.  It helps me to distill events down to what I really want to take away and remember about the events that shape my life. Most people do this in their minds, photo albums, or journals.  I do it on the internet. I am that way.

When I don't blog, it means I have either not had a significant happening or that life is too busy to afford time to record my observations and supplement those observations with pictures.  Either way is sad for me. Lately, life has been way too busy. But now, as Drew and I sit in a hotel room in Cabo San Lucas after a few days of utter relaxation and after a few weeks of untangling ourselves from some of the ties we've had to the rat race, I have some time to write.  I hope to catch up with a few posts that have been in my head for months.

I am glad to be back.

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