Monday, January 19, 2015

Holidays Together! Part III

New Years

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas AND New Years together? No way. Way.  Drew had New Years Eve and New Years Day off.  We had plans to xc ski and watch the torch parade at Alta ski resort, but the temperature was between 0 and 20 degrees F up in the mountains, so we bagged that idea and rallied some friends for a drink at the new bar/restaurant at 9th and 9th and then dinner at Mazza restaurant.

 It was New Year's Eve, after all.

 Yummy cauliflower something.

A good meal/time.

Drew and I stopped by our neighbor's house after we got home.  Good thing we were within walking distance so I could stumble home later! We were asleep before midnight.

Extended Holiday

January 2 is close enough to the New Year to call a holiday so we took a joint day off to get up to Park City to snowshoe around some cool areas.

Not an actual holiday, but we'll count it

Our friend Andy was celebrating his 40th birthday on Jan 4 so he and wife Rhonda stayed at the condo in Vegas to enjoy some slightly warmer weather.  Drew and I joined them for a day to help celebrate with mtbs on dirt and, later, all-you-can-eat sushi.

 My Christmas present from Drew - Giro winter riding boots. So toasty.

So Good We Go Back for More

Back to Salt Lake for me and all over the place for Drew for a few days of work.  The air quality was deteriorating rapidly so when the loads on the planes looked light I bombed back to Vegas for about 24 hours for some more dirt, this time for short-sleeve riding out at Bootleg canyon.

Snow's Still Good so Live It Up

So here we are in mid January with a pretty nasty streak of poor air quality in the Salt Lake Valley but crystal clear skies in Park City and the mountains. We've been getting out either solo,

Me xc skiing at White Pine Nordic Center

with old Navy buddies...

 Drew in Lambs Canyon with Murph

  Artsy iPhone pic by Drew

The snuggle-y blanket of "fog" in the valley below is our nasty smog layer

or together snowshoeing up Mineral Fork of Big Cottonwood Canyon.

 Snow on structure!

 Water crossing. You can't do this here in April.

Another artsy iPhone pic by Drew

So now we both go back to work in earnest and end our happy holiday run.  It was sublime to be able to spend so many special days with Drew over the past month or more.  I'll try to remember that when he is traveling for work and bike racing in the next few weeks.  At least I'll have time to get more blog posts done.

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