Thursday, October 1, 2015

Crested Butte Day 0: let’s get going

Drew’s vacation lapped over Labor Day weekend in September; a long-term dream of ripping Crested Butte singletrack would be lived!

01_2015CrestedButte 044 (640x337)
That picture is cutting to the chase. First we had to get there. 
After much prolonged packing and futzing, we (Drew) drove 7 hours to Lake Fork Campground on Blue Mesa Reservoir of the Gunnison Reservoir, stopping prematurely because it was raining cats and dogs on curvy mountain roads and Drew was tired of driving.  Good decision.
2015-09-04 23.00.17 (480x640)
Chillin’ after the drive.
In the morning the world was washed clean, smelling of sage.
2015CrestedButte 002 (640x343)
2015CrestedButte 003 (640x426)
Lake campground is designed for fisher-people and RVs.
Time to start the vacation. 

First to fuel up on Gunnison for a burrito and espresso.  Seriously, the worst thing about camping is being far from our espresso machine.  We may have a problem.

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