Sunday, November 8, 2015

San Juan vacay day 2: to Orcas


We made the short drive north from Seattle to Anacortes, a cute little town with some touristy things to see.

Day2 003 Fuse (800x644)

Anacortes is not only the jumping off point for the Washington Department of Transportation ferry system to the San Juan Islands, it is also, apparently, the …

2015-11-08 13.01.39 (709x800)

So, naturally, I had to order a delicious salmon sandwich to eat as we waited for the …

Day2 006 (800x513)big ferry boat to Orcas Island

2015-11-08 14.11.24 (800x600)

What struck me about the ferry ride is how fast the boat travels!  I can’t begin to calculate how much the vessel plus a few dozen cars and cargo must weigh, but that thing clips along like an America’s cup winning yacht.

There is always a small chance of seeing Orca whales here, but all we saw were a lot of beautiful sailboats and a tug pulling a log raft.   Day2 014 (800x534)


Day2 016 (800x534)Day2 020 (800x534)

Day2 021 (534x800)

I didn’t realize I was chilled until I saw this picture later.

Day2 024 (800x534)

Ferries passing in the day.

We docked at about 3 pm.


Day2 029 (600x800)

Dewey departing his first (at least while we have parented him) ferry ride.

And then we were on an island!

2015-11-08 15.01.53 (800x402)

Not any island, but Orcas Island.

2015-11-08 13.01.52 (800x232)

We made our way to West Beach Resort, which has a number of cute cabins on a beautiful beach in a cove.

D2015-11-08 15.53.28 (800x600)Day2 035 (800x534)Day2 040 (800x428)

We are hooked up to resort power in the RV area. They also have WiFi!

Tomorrow, we ride.

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