Tuesday, August 1, 2017

San Juan Huts Durango to Moab Prelude: How not to prep

July 22-29, 2017. 7 days and 6 nights mountain biking from Molas Pass near Durango, Colorado to Moab, Utah staying in remote mountain huts. Human-powered adventure for 3 couples, 5 full suspension bikes, and 1 hard tail. Total 240 miles, 26,000 feet of climbing. Many sore bodies and many, many smiles.

This is the account of a 47-year old female ex-endurance mountain bike racer experiencing the the San Juan Huts (SJH) Durango to Moab hut-to-hut mountain bike adventure.

Prelude - How This Trip Came To Be

After BreckEpic last year, I was done racing mountain bikes. D.O.N.E.  But I still like to ride and Drew and I have so many great times, and great triumphs, on mountain bike trips. This trip had been on our radar for years, but racing always took priority. Not so in 2017!!  Somehow (Drew), we  (Drew) steered us to the San Juan Huts most-difficult hut-to-hut adventure, the 218 mile Durango to Moab route. We just needed to find some more people to fill the hut so we wouldn't be bunking with random stinky testosterone boys. Enter thrill-seekers Karl and Sally and adventurers Kenny and Heather.  We booked it last October. Plenty of time to get in shape, buy gear, and research.

That get in shape part started about the beginning of July for me. My "training" consisted of about a half dozen 3-4 hour, 20-30 mile rides with a small Camelbac.

The gear buying entailed buying a $10 handlebar bag on Amazon. The night before we departed SLC, I realized the rack and trunk bag I had used on the Mt. Hood hut to hut wouldn't fit my current bike, and therefore, my Camelbac wasn't big enough. I threw together a hiking day pack and some other bike bags we had and jettisoned most of the warm clothes I was planning to take. (Not a good plan.)

The research was reading the directions and maps on the drive to Moab. My prep and planning was good to go! 

En route to Moab I became highly concerned that I had no warm clothes. (Note to self: do not second guess packing warm clothes.) It is safe to say I was wigged out. We got to Moab at 8 pm so I began shopping. GearHeads wanted $259 for a down puffy. Moab Gear Trader had a used men's small down jacket for $40. Score. Potentially life-saving decision. I also picked up a fresh bottle of Aleve. Another important purchase.

Last supper at Zax all you can eat pizza buffet.

I love not cooking.

Tomorrow we would begin this THING.

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