Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Night Riding in the Wasatch Mountains

This past Friday Lucy and I ventured up in to the Wasatch Mountains for a night ride on our bikes. We started in the upper parking lot of Mill Creek Canyon at 6:30 pm. From the parking lot we climbed up to the Crest Trail. The sun was setting as we climbed through the Aspens. The meadows took on spectacular hues of red as the last rays of sun disappeared over the Great Salt Lake.

We reached the ridge overlooking Park City just in time to set up our light systems. The temperature dropped quickly and we made our way back to the car in the dark. The lights allowed us to ride a very popular trail all by ourselves. We descended back to the car on wonderful singletrack guided only by the lights on our helmets and handlebars. The darkness surrounded us as we descended and the trees became more dense. We reached the car with big smiles on our faces which were unfortunately frozen in place. We think the temperature was somewhere in the very low 40's as we scrambled to stow everything in the car and get the heater going.
Before we left we turned all of our lights off and enjoyed the total darkness for a moment. We became scared though and drove out of the Canyon and had dinner at Rocky Mountain Pizza. It was a wonderful date night before I had to head off to work the next day.

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  1. I love doing that ride at night, especialy because its such a crowded trail in the daytime.Being tha high up thhough in the night spooks me out..I dont think I'll solo it up there at night anymore. Glad you guys had fun!