Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our belated garden

Yesterday I harvested a red tomato at last! With all the stupid biking we did this summer, I was not able to plant my tomato starts, which our awsome friend Wendy gave me (Thanks, Wendy!) until July 4th. Needless to say, the tomatoes are a little late this year. Last year I had a RED tomato on June 27th. This year the plants were just wee seedlings then.

Below picture as taken a few weeks ago with the giant plants. I have since trimmed them back so they will put their efforts into making big, juicy, delectible fruits. The tree to my right is the Ginkgo tree we planted at our wedding ceremony. It has survived two transplantings already, but it didn't much like this year. No new growth on it. It was supposed to be symbolic of our marriage. Hardy, able to grow through the years, etc. I hope this isn't a bad sign ;-).

Tonight, Drew and I put together my anniversary present. It is a potting bench. Maybe he got me this so I don't mess up his garage so much. Isn't it so cool? What a good present. Oh, and I am holding the 2nd tomato from our mini garden.

I'm in the garage. You can see, we have not really got around to finishing the inside yet. Someday, when we cut back on this incessant biking.

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