Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moab in May...... Incredible!

The month of May is one of transformation here in Utah. The valley comes to life with green grass and blossoming trees. The mountains stand over us in stark contrast covered white with ice and snow. This time of year is special for Lucy and me. To mark the occasion we now proudly display our newest 2009 bauble on the kitchen sink. As the days grow longer and the sun shines even brighter our solar enabled flower beckons us on outdoor adventures. This free bauble was a gift from the staff of the Wasabi Revolving Sushi Bar located at 675 E. and 2100 S. in Salt Lake City UT. Play this video and imagine yourself in the morning standing in our kitchen with a cup of coffee in your hand dreaming of the days adventures. "Seize the creamer, the sugar, and then seize the day!

The first weekend of May was a wet and muddy experience for the two of us. The second weekend of May was a totally different experience. We packed up the truck and headed down to Moab UT where we spent the weekend mountain biking with a bunch of friends. Alison, Rhonda & Andy, and Heather, a.k.a. "triple-H", joined us for an incredible weekend.

With temperatures in the mid 70's and clear skies we hit the ground running. Friday afternoon we rode the Sovereign Trail system. The sun set as we rode slick rock, singletrack, and sand.

We headed back to the condo south of town where we enjoyed a few growlers from the Moab Brewery. Discussion turned to Saturdays ride and the gauntlet was thrown. Saturday we would ride the recently legalized Upper Porcupine and Lower Porcupine Singletrack Trails. These trails were incredible! By far the most technical and exhilarating trails that Moab has in her arsenal. Setting yourself up to clear one set of obstacles is always challenging, but having multiple obstacles thrown at you in quick succession with split decisions made 30 seconds ago determining your current velocity, trajectory, and survivability will leave you giggling like a kid in the playground who just got smacked squarely in the face by a red rubber ball in a game of dodge ball!

The UPS and LPS trails dump you in to the top of the Porcupine Rim Trail system. The original Porcupine Rim Trail is nothing to take for granted and can leave you looking for an alternative hobby like "Lazy-Boy reclining" if you are not careful. Our fearless group ventured on and continued down the trail. 23 miles of incredible mountain biking ending along the edge of the Colorado River. It was an epic day for all of us!

Sunday we all thought of ways to get out of work on Monday and stay an extra day. It was a short dream when we awoke and realized that we needed to keep working in order to keep our health benefits. We finished the weekend riding some of Moab's easier trails with names like Klondike Bluffs and Baby Steps. It was nice to get out and spin the legs before we headed back home to Salt Lake City UT.

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