Sunday, May 24, 2009

West Desert field assistant extraordinaire

I've been meaning to write this post for a super long time, but it has just been one thing after the other, so sorry the news is so belated. Here is the short version.

This spring I was able to spend quite a bit of time in Snake Valley, western Utah, for work. I was running an aquifer test in which we pump one well and monitor the water level response in surrounding wells. Here I am on March 6 measuring one of the monitoring wells.

Weather was a little sketchy at times, as you can see here by this snow squall encroaching on one of our monitoring sites.Later on in the season, in late April and with better weather this time, Drew was able to join me on a quick trip to measure the discharge at some of the very important springs. Otherwise, with our wacky work schedules, we would not have seen each other for 12 days. I was lucky to have such a capable and obedient assistant. If only he was that way all the time ;-)

We took turns using the Swoofer Model 3000 open-channel current velocity meter to measure the flows, like I am doing here.

Drew thinks I look sexy in hip waders.

Anyway, it has been a productive and interesting spring for me at work. I'm due to go out again and install permanent monitoring sites in June. I'll try to take some more pics, since I know you all live for these exciting work-related posts.

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