Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Harvest Visit

Our old friends the Sylvesters were back in SLC for a visit this past weekend. Friend Keri joined us for brunch. It was the first time we broke out all three leaves for the dining room table.

Just one year ago their little boys were so much smaller, but they are still the same little cuties. It was great to see them all.

I harvested the volunteer squash. We have enough acorn squash to eat one squash per week until next year's summer squash are ready. Anyone have any good recipes?

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  1. That's a beautiful picture of the brunch!

    My favorite thing to do with acorn squash is to stuff them. You gave me a recipe once. Any variation of cooked meat + cooked whole grain + sauteed veggies + spices works. Top with cheese if you like.