Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Part time is Party Time!

The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it.
It is official - I am now a part-time professional geologist. Yesterday and today were the first two days of my adult life that I wasn't either a full-time student with a part-time job or a full-time working professional. I had been wanting to reduce my hours at work for a couple of years, and finally convinced my boss to go along with it. Why? Mostly so I can go clothes shopping during the day, everyday, except Saturday. Not really. Since Drew was promoted to captain, he has had a schedule quite opposite of my M-Th state employee mandated 10-hour days. About a half dozen times in this last year we didn't see each other for 12 or more days because when he was home, I had West Desert fieldwork. Anyway, it began to feel like our prime-time years were slipping away from us for no good reason. I wonder if, maybe, as I approach the big 4-0, this is my mid-life crisis. Instead of having an affair and getting hair plugs, I buy carbon-fiber bikes and half-quit my job.

So what am I going to do with all that free time? I am making a public vow (you heard it here) to not take on any new commitments for one full year so that I may begin to catch up on some of our current projects. Mostly some mid-level home remodeling projects and complete backyard landscape installation. I will also handle most of the VRBO Moab condo rental business, and I might learn how to weld (not a new commitment, since I tried to get into the class in September but they were full). I started off this week by catching up on condo paperwork, getting a long-overdue medical check up, repairing our broken-since -June DVD player, and finishing the Ginkgo artwork on the garage floor.

With a much more flexible two day a week work schedule, Drew and I plan to take more mini vacations and capitalize on those flight benefits we have. Friends in destination hot spots, get that guestroom ready. We'll be over soon.

I am very fortunate and happy to be able to do this!

It's not what if, it's what now. ~Author Unknown


  1. congrats! Let me know if you need a companion on your days off. I'm sure kai would love to help with projects.

  2. I would love to have Kai hold the bag of nails. I don't know if I trust him with the 2 foot long pieces of 1x4 though.

  3. Congrats! Though I'm green with envy, I think it's a great thing and am very happy for you.

  4. Excellent News Lucy! I hope the planned escapes will include a trip to Oregon again! Would love to consult with you about the best plan of education for a budding geologist :) It seems Tim's University is cutting way back on their Geo dept. Love the ginko design :)

  5. You know 40 hours a week is a lot for someone almost 40 years old. Way to go! I am envious, but I would probably just procrastinate more if I had more time. ;-)
    I hope you meet Drew at the door with his slippers and beer.