Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bobke gets uppity

This is a progress report on Bobke, the 1980 Volkswagen Westfalia camper van we bought as a "fun project we can do together" (Drew's description).

Last week on our way to Moab, we stopped by ACE, the shop where Bobke is being brought back to life. As you can see from the pictures, nothing much was happening.

He was sitting in the fenced holding yard, lonely and incomplete.

The inside especially has a long way to go.

But yesterday we stopped by again to deliver the 15-inch wheels we bought to replace the standard 14-inch wheels that were on there but about ready to disintegrate. To our extreme delight, Bobke had gotten uppity. That is to say, he was up on the lift,

with his engine out,
Here is a shot looking up from through the engine compartment to the ceiling.

He is about as torn apart as he can get. He is getting his engine rebuilt, new brake lines, new fuel lines, CV joints (axle?) rebuilt/replaced, and new wheel bearings. Shop guy says it could be as little as three weeks before Bobke is mobile under his own power.

Any suggestions for where his maiden voyage should be?

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