Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving biking

The day after Thanksgiving, to burn some calories and see friends I haven't seen since the weather was actually nice enough to bike a lot, I joined (L to R in photo above) Heather G, Julie, Gigi, Jennie, Heather HH, [me], Jenelle, and Nancy on a girls'-only mountain bike ride on Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake. 

Antelope Island has great exposures of Lake Bonneville shorelines, as I talked about here, but this time we were up close and personal to the Precambrian strata.
 Here are Gigi and Jenny on the climb up to the Provo Bench, on which most of the trail is positioned. 

And here we are riding the switchbacks from the Provo Bench down almost to the Gilbert shoreline, I think.

Here I am on my mean-looking bike.

So it was great to ride with the girlfriends, but almost as great to eat PIE afterward.  Jenny brought a strawberry rhubarb (my favorite) that was leftover from Thanksgiving.

 Thanks to Heather (pictured in blue) for organizing us and taking all the pictures, and to Jennie (in green) for bringing the pie.

By the look of it, Julie likes Jennie's pie, but also notice that I have a fork in each hand.  Not only do I like pie, I know how to properly eat pie.

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