Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Addition: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It's getting pretty bad in here.  After the initial excitement of seeing all the progress while we were on vacation, the dust and inconvenience started to wear on me.  So Drew, the handy husband that he is, built this plastic wall between the construction zone...
and our living area
We made a roll-up door that we can open when the workers are gone.  Above is the dining room/kitchen. But the kitchen is also the bathroom.

and below is what used to be the living room.
This space is made all the more lovely by the fact that everything is covered in thick dust and the AC unit is unhooked.

We made a temporary office in the spare bedroom.  I thought we would have a little safe haven in there and install the window AC unit and I could lock myself in there quite comfortably, but there was a need to run a drain pipe and some venting up in the dropped ceiling of that room, so now it is dirty and dusty too.

Sometime in April they made me move my clothes out of my closet in that room  (I have mine in this room since the closet in our bedroom is tiny and occupied by Drew's clothes).  I moved them to the foyer, thinking they would only be there a couple of weeks. It has been longer than that.

The point of all this complaining is not to make you feel bad for me.  Despite the mess and inconvenience, I'm usually in good spirits about the whole thing because I am keeping in mind why we are doing this and how nice it will be after we're done.  I just wanted to show you and document this so that I can remember the yucky times when we're lounging on the deck off our new master suite.

Since we've been back it seems like things are not moving as quickly as they had before, but I think it is because they are working on electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, and little framing bits - stuff that is in the walls and not as visible. There are also wait times for various inspectors. The siding is going on though and it looks good.

Drew is putting one coat of paint on the siding so that it is easier/cheaper to paint once it is up way high on the house.

And I've been designing and visualizing bathroom cabinets.

So now you're all caught up with the project.  Hopefully the next post will involve dry wall. That will be exciting!

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