Sunday, August 22, 2010

Home Addition: Starting to Look Like a House again.

We have semi-solid walls!

This week and last week were frustratingly slow.  We waited on multiple inspectors (electrical, structural, insulation) multiple times, as the first time around the structural guy found some nit picky things he didn't like, including needing a sheer wall between the kitchen and dining room, making us change from a slider window in the basement to a casement (This will cost us $300 and is a waste of a brand new window, all in order to make it a legal egress window, even though it still won't be a legal according to code. Grr.) and needing OSB on the kitchen floor instead of the original fir subfloor for sheer strength.  This meant our guys had to rip up the old floor and put down OSB (below).  We are actually fine with that because now the floor feels really solid underfoot.

 Once the structural inspector signed off, the insulation guys were in and spray foamed the ceilings and walls,

and then another crew came in and put bats in.  

 We even put up insulation in the basement, although we won't be finishing that right away.

We should be plenty cozy this winter watching the flames in our gas fireplace with our low-E windows and snuggle-y insulation.  The same day that the insulation inspector passed us (who knew the insulation had to be inspected?), they moved in piles and piles of sheet rock and boxes of mud.

Did you know sheet rock is a product made from gypsum, a hydrated calcium sulfate mineral?  Geology in our everyday lives.

Not two hours after the sheet rock was unloaded, another contractor was putting it up on the walls and ceilings.  Guess we'd better get our paint colors picked out soon!

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