Friday, October 8, 2010

Home Addition: GRANITE!

Granite install day was absolutely best day of the remodel so far; that is until the refrigerator leaked on the new floor, but let's not dwell on that. Let's relive the installation of the most beautiful countertop in the whole wide world.

Week before last, Pablo, from Center Pointe Stone came to template the countertop. He was great and I'm glad I was there to discuss overhang, sink cut out, etc. Then, last Tuesday I got the call to go see the final layout of the Mylar templates on the granite slab. I wanted to make sure the prettiest parts of the slab were going to be used in the most visible places.

Turns out, the whole slab was amazing, so it wasn't that hard.  We figured out how we could place the pieces so that we managed to capture all the coolest areas of the slab and even get backsplashes out of the same slab.  Awesome. So as soon as we were done looking at the slab, they toted it away to the cutting room.

The next day was to be the day. I took off early from work just to see it, but hours past and no one showed up. I was so sad. It would have to wait until Friday.

Friday morning, John and Brian arrived with the slabs in the back of a pickup.

They said the biggest awkward piece weighed about 300 pounds, but they did a good job getting it in the house. They called in another guy to help lift the slab into place. It only took about 30 seconds to get it up on to the counter.

There was a lot of trimming and shimming. Then some glueing and screwing, or I should say drilling.  I was amazed to see that it onloy took one minute to drill each hole for the faucet.

5 hours later, we had the most fantastic looking countertop imaginable. Here are a few pictures, but the pictures really do not do it justice.  The depth and variety of colors is really unique.  The quartz is smokey and translucent and at one spot you can actually see through the edge.

This picture you can a mafic black banded section surrounded by the more felsic section – maybe a xenolith?  This is my favorite part of the counter, so it is nice that it ended up next to the sink.

The two slabs on either side of the range are very nice. One has a lot of pyrite, which looks especially cool when the light shines on it.  

I am so happy with how the countertops turned out.  The stone is absolutely gorgeous and the fabricators were 100 percent professional.

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