Sunday, October 3, 2010

Home Addition: It's a long road.

After a few weeks of stalled progress, we've now got quite a bit of the trim work inside up and the stairs are about 70% built.  They have been plugging away at the little odds and ends on the exterior: finishing the siding, wrapping the columns, starting on the deck railings, fixing up basement window trim, etc.

The rest of the main floor hardwood went down and it looks awesome.  Even though it is a slightly different color and wider plank than the existing oak flooring, the two tie together nicely and it make the house look open and expansive.  

The tile in the master bathroom is 90% done too.  The pebbles in the ginormous double shower look super cool. Ryan Ashbridge at Kickers Floors, a member of our mountain bike race team and friend, has really set us up with great flooring choices and done a great job.  Thanks, Ryan!

Here are the pebbles close up. They are real sandstone and andesite pebbles sliced and polished.

 And here is the rest of the floor close up.  It is travertine.

Here is a little time series of photos of building the shower pan and tile installation. 

Meanwhile, we've been busy picking out faucets and paint, prepping little things, buying items the workers need, and taking care of a million other things and coordinating many of the subcontractors.  It has been really stressful. Everyone keeps saying it will be over soon, and that we'll be happy we have a nice house, but to tell you the truth, I'd never do this again.  Being without a kitchen for over two months and spending all our savings while doing it is not a satisfactory way to live.  Remind me of this next time we embark on a project that is over our heads. 

My currently ugly attitude may be due to the discovery Friday night around 10 PM, as I was admiring the totally awesome stupendous granite that was installed that day (post coming next), that the new fridge had been leaking water on the brand new floor for two days, ruining about 15 square feet of it in a highly visible spot. Drew's connections were all water tight; it is leaking somewhere inside the fridge. Seriously? Is this karma for killing that mouse two months ago?  

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  1. Hang in there! Love the progress. You will forget all these little impediments, and really come to enjoy your own handiwork and efforts!