Sunday, January 8, 2012


We had an enjoyable and busy holiday season.

We went to friends Jim and Shelly's for Thanksgiving.  Shelly set a beautiful table,

 and made a fabulous meal.

I made some nice pies.

We ate too much but didn't party all night since Drew had to depart for work at 4:30 AM the next morning.

There was a lunar eclipse on December 10, which gave me a chance to try out my mew Christmas present to myself, the Casio Exilim H50G camera.

The eclipse pics turned out better than I thought (double click the picture to see more detail), but some of the other pictures I have not been as happy with.  Time will tell.

The next important holiday is Drew's birthday.

We celebrated with a very short hike because it was freezing cold and windy.

But that burned enough calories to justify dinner and cake at the Dodo Restaurant!

Then was Christmas.  Drew had to work so I went to visit my sister and her family in their beautiful new home near Castle Rock, Colorado.

Di and I got to spend some time walking around the neighborhood and catching up.

And then we feasted on a marvelous meal,

before we opened gifts.  Here are Laura and Kelli with the necklaces I gave them.

And Tober is always in there to warm one's lap.

Tober likes Di's new book.

Christmas Eve was over too fast but I was not sad that Christmas morning was coming because I got a fantastic gift.  I got to ride in the back of the plane that Drew was flying from Denver to Los Angeles. It's pretty cool watching the plane pull up to the gate knowing your husband is driving it.

Just like a curious kid, he took me up front and let me sit in the right seat.

He flew me to LAX, where we had a nice afternoon at the hotel

sitting by the pool in the 77 degree sunshine, chatting with family on Skype, and dining with the crew.
The next morning Drew had to work again, and I lucked out getting the very last seat on the direct flight back to SLC thanks to a uniformed flight attendant who graciously gave up her seat to take the jumpseat so I could get on the plane.  She obviously had the Christmas spirit.

The last holiday is, of course, the first: New Years.  Drew was working so I planned to go to a party solo.  I had a goal of getting another portion of the trim in our bedroom stained and polyurethaned during my long weekend of bachelorette-dom.  So when it was 8:30 PM on New Years Eve and I had already had a few beers and I looked like this

I decided to blow off the party and just finish the job.  The finished product looks great, even if it did cost me some fun times.

Since the holidays have passed, we are back to work but are still finding time to do some mountain biking on the trails here in the valley.  We have had near record high temps and no snow! It has been awesome to ride in knickers and a vest on January 4.  So awesome in fact that I felt compelled to buy a new bike!  I scored a 2009 Scott Scale 29er off the local classifieds.  It is a hardtail, which will be an interesting change from my cushy full suspension.   Variety is the spice of life.

This past week we had a light snow that made for a slippery but enjoyable hike.

And I've finally found some time to blog with a little help from my warm kitties.

To all of you, Drew and I wish you a happy, healthy 2012!

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