Sunday, April 1, 2012

Great ride

Stephanie called for an Epic ride on Saturday.  Six of us started at the zoo at 9:20 AM.  Stephanie, Sally, Rachel, Rhonda, Jennie and me.  We rode the BST with every diversion I could think of.  They were good sports about that.

Here we are after the climb out of the roller coaster.  First glass of wine earned!

The wind was picking up but not enough yet to obscure the gorgeous view of the Salt Lake Valley.  This is why I bike!

We continued on past Huntsman, up Dry Creek, and over to the drop in to Bobsled.  This is where crazy Sally suggested, no insisted, on a small cross training session.  She thought it would be a fun to run up to the top of the ridge.  We were game!

It was so crazy, crazy windy we had to lean into the wind to stand up.

Sally showed us if you look at the world from a different view point, it looks all brand new. Crazy Sally.

Then back down to the bikes.  Second glass of wine earned.

From here, the group split up.  Sally, Stephanie, Jennie and I went down on Bobsled (not dry yet) to a trail crossing, then back up the super steep singletrack to BST.  Jennie's pedal came off, so Stephanie and Jennie headed back, but Sally and I persevered all the way down into City Creek and up to the saddle at the radio towers. 

From there it was down the singletrack to City Creek and back to her car/my house via pavement.  Big day of 30 miles and 4700 feet of climbing in 3+ hours of riding.  Lots of glasses of wine earned!

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  1. Great documentation of a great day with the Rev Chicks!! Let's do this again soon!!!