Sunday, April 22, 2012

AWG-SLC Silent Auction and Wine Tasting - 23 years!

A few weeks ago I posted about a great mtb ride during which I "earned" many glasses of wine.  You probably thought I was just a lush, but the reason I was earning my wine was so that I could fully enjoy myself that evening at the Association for Women Geoscientists - Salt Lake Chapter 23rd Annual Silent Auction and Wine Tasting Scholarship Benefit.

This is an event I've been involved with for several years now, and each year it seems to get better and better.  This year we were able to award $3750 in scholarships to bright women geology students.

The event is our one big fundraiser of the year.  We were at the top floor of the Zions Bank Building downtown Salt Lake City for the third year in a row.  There is a great view from up here.

We get donated items like rocks and minerals,

 art, handicraft, and all sorts of random things.

Our attendance was up this year - 147 people, including several of my friends.

And it showed - we took in $4718 dollars! 

 It is a great group of women that puts a lot of work into this fun night.

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