Sunday, May 13, 2012

Race report: 8 Hours of Boggs and 5 Mile Pass

The mountain bike racing season has begun for the Jordans. Last weekend Drew traveled to northern California with his friends Kathleen and Chris from San Jose to race the 8 Hours of Boggs, and I raced the first local Intermountain Cup race at 5 Mile Pass.

8 Hours of Boggs

The 8 Hours of Boggs is north of Napa, California in the Boggs Demonstration Forest. The course was an 8.75 mile loop consisting of about two miles of fire road and the rest smooth, buff singletrack through the towering ponderosa pines. Each lap had 1100 feet of elevation gain. The race has a very strong grassroots feel and environmental ethic. All camping had to be self contained and you packed out what you packed in. Drew had it made on this front - he camped in luxury in Chris and Kathleen's motor home. He was cush and comfy thanks to good friends.

Drew completed 8 laps for 70 miles in 7 hours and 46 minutes. Even after that much time on the bike, he had only good things to say about the race, the course, and the company he kept!

5 Mile Pass

Meanwhile, back in Utah, I raced the comparatively puny 23.5 mile course of 5 Mile Pass. 5 Mile is one of my favorite courses because it is easy to pass/get passed and the are no crazy steep climbs or really technical descents. Seeing as how my training this spring has consisted of riding when I feel like it at whatever pace suits me on that day, I was not expecting much. But I felt strong and I like the course, so that is probably why I won the Expert Women class!

Though no one stuck around for awards, there were actually seven of us racing, including some new faces I had not seen before and some old rivals.  It was real nice to have success early in the season, but now I feel like I should probably race more Icups to see if it was the fluke I think it was.

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