Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Budster, workhorse

Grocery run

Tried out the cargo capacity of The Budster today. $130 worth of groceries is no problemo for my ghetto version of a trunk.  Would love to get some sort of foldable crate to attach to the rear rack. Then those after work quick stops at the market and perhaps even a Home Depot run would be a cinch.

I am taking a motorcycle driving course this weekend so I can learn how to be a Motorcycle Mama, or really, a Scooter Sweetheart.

Scooter life is rad.


Update: I took the two-day basic motorcycle driving course.  It was very hard.  In addition to balance and throttle, motorcycles have that whole issue of shifting.  There is a lot going on at one time.  I did all right though and aced the written portion and only went outside the line of the slow-speed maneuver box on the driving portion of the test just a little way, so they passed me with flying colors.

I think that I am a much safer scooter driver now.
November 27 update:
I officially have my motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license!  Because I took a qualified course, I didn't need to do the driving portion of the motorcycle test.  I went to take the 25-question written test today and I actually failed on the first try.  (There was one question about how many parts are there to the driving portion of the test: what do I care - I don't have to take it!)  But I tried again and passed.  So, Hooray!, now I can officially drive a motorcycle on the street.  I just need a motorcycle.

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