Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moab squared

I was lucky enough to get two trips to Moab in November.

Why condo owners camp

Trip #1 was for our annual home owners association (HOA) meeting for the condo.  In the off season, we are slaves to any potential rentals to offset monthly expenses, so when someone wanted to book a few months in advance for this particular weekend, we did it.  That meant we were camping!

Since we bought the condo in 2007, we have hardly camped.  I miss it.  We were lucky that on this particular weekend the weather forecast for Moab was for clear and sunny, 65 to 70 degrees for the highs and 40 to 45 for the lows.  Excellent.  

We staked out a spot in one of the campgrounds in Sand Flats Rec Area.

Doesn't this look like a Toyota commercial?

And commenced tent set up.  I scored a used cabin tent on our local classifieds for $40. This was its maiden voyage. See the 13 second video of its set up.

Tent builder supreme.

A room with a view

Bird's eye view of our camp.

Panorama of our camp

We spent most of the weekend either at the meeting, or, once the renters left, fixing on the condo, but we enjoy a superb ride on the Magnificent Seven trail system.

Moab squared

Trip #2 for me was to do a bunch of little maintenance items and enjoy some time with my old friends Jeff and Lisa, who moved out of state when their youngest was just a babe; that was almost five years ago.  We enjoyed some of the amenities of the condo...

and a long but special hike to...

Delicate Arch.

The resident chipmunk was quite entertaining.

and tame.

Delicate Arch really is spectacular. No wonder it is on half of Utah's license plates.

It was fabulous to catch up with my old friends and get to know their two cute boys better.

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  1. Nice post, Lucy! How fun to be chronicled in your adventure blog! We used a picture you took in our Christmas post. Thanks!