Friday, January 4, 2013

NWGA expo and WFA

In early December I linked up a couple of trips south.


First, the National Groundwater Association Expo in Las Vegas.

I like this convention because it is full of practical and useful information for the times I interact with well drillers and well owners, and in my capacity as our workgroups "well drilling specialist". (Did I ever think that "well drilling specialist" would be part of my job title when I was 16?)  Plus, the exhibit hall showcases some rad well equipment.

A cut-away view of a line-shaft pump.

Drew joined me for the last couple of days, so I was wined and dined after long hours listening to seminars on injection wells, well-cleaning techniques, and new software tools for my industry.

WFA (I pronounce it "wuff-a", 'cause I like the sound of that)

From Vegas, we loaded the bikes on the roof rack and made the short drive to coastal southern California where we got in a quick ride on one of Drew's old favorite trails from his Navy days.

My tour guide on Big Sycamore Canyon trails.

Ending the ride on the beach at Point Mugu State Park.

The next two days were jam packed with learning Wilderness First Aid at a certification class near Oxnard.  We are required to become WFA certified to be coaches in the National Interscholastic Cycling Association, but we are unable to take the course offered in Salt Lake before the start of next season.  So we attended this class hosted by the Southern California High School Cycling League

Luckily, it wasn't all classroom time.  We got to run practice scenarios such as how to treat for hypothermia and how to bandage your spouse when she is pretending to be incapacitated.

There was time for some great Mexican food and a short walk on the beach.

But that was the end of my dual-state, dual-purpose December trip.

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  1. Beautiful beach shots! So if I ever have trouble with my well you're the one to call, right?