Thursday, February 7, 2013

SE Asia Day 1: arrive Bangkok


The 3.5 hour flight from Taipei over to Bangkok seemed like the short jaunt from SLC to Vegas compared to last night's flight. We arrived ready to hit the ground running.

We made it as far as the baggage claim area before we must have looked so completely lost and out of place that a large American came Up and asked us if we needed any help finding anything. We explained where we were trying to go and he. Suggested hopping the train into the city, so away we went. ( he was really nice the information he gave us made me feel a hundred times more confident. thanks American dude!)

We hopped the fabulous easy, modern, fast train into Bangkok for about $1.50 USD each.

After successfully maneuvering through two train transfers, we made a transfer to a city bus. The attendants were looking at us with a bit of worry. We were the only westerns on the bus, but we knew what we were doing, right?

Apparently, the successful train transfers had made us a little overconfident. We over shot our bus stop by 8 stops! We finally found someone that knew where our hotel was and pointed us back to the stop we had passed 20 minutes earlier!


We dragged our weary tired bodies and barking feet to the Riverfront Residence hotel at 921 Rama III Rd, recommended by Drew's friend Jun.



What a great find! We upgraded to a river view room on the 24th floor for a total of about $60USD.


We did not have too long to enjoy the room before Drew's stomache needed to find some spicy a Thai noodles at the hotel restaurant. Then a quick dip in the pool and now we are off to bed to try to get on Thai time.




  1. What a gorgeous hotel! Have some noodles for me!

  2. Thanks for sharing. It will be fun to follow your travel. Donna