Sunday, May 26, 2013

Remote Race Report: Transylvania Epic Day 0: Family "calm" before the storm

Last year I floated down the Colorado River without Drew.  I drank beer and talked geology and got big thrills running huge rapids.  That was the first real vacation either Drew or I had taken apart from one another.  This week is Drew's turn to "do his vacation thing".  You know what that is right? A 7-day mountain bike stage race with a buddy, of course! (You can vote whether you think my vacation or his is more of a vacation ;-)

Drew is sending me text and picture message updates and we have been talking once a day.  I will try to post up some pics each day.

Friday he flew to Baltimore to stay with brother Trey, who's wife was out of town for the weekend.  What do two small girls and two adult men do if left to their own devices. They eat macaroni and cheese with ketchup for dinner and dress up in women's shoes.  Nice!

In the morning they took the girls to ballet lessons. Is it all about shoes again?

Ears and tutus were issued today.   
This has got to be one of the cuter pictures on this entire blog.

Saturday afternoon Drew met up with Jim and they headed off to the race with their matching bikes and team uniforms in a rented mini van.  People might start to talk.

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