Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Remote Race Report: Transylvania Epic Stage 3. Team mud poodles.

Today the weather was foretasted to be cool and rainy.  That didn't stop Team Sunshine from putting on a good face.

Actually, this picture is from yesterday's start, but I only just now saw it.  I can't blog without inserting this!
 In reality, they bundled up for a 4 hour slog

The course was about 10 miles of muddy singletrack and a lot of gravel road.  Stroke of luck that this stage was heavy on the road section.  Otherwise they may still be out there.

As it were, they overtook the team ahead of them and finished like the rest of the racers, covered in mud. 

They cleaned up real well though in time for the sponsored trip to the local winery.

Tomorrow the weather is going to be hot.  We'll see if they get a sponsored trip to the pool afterward.

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  1. Wine sponsorship! OH! That's my kind of race!