Friday, September 20, 2013

Dewey and me

We just bought a campervan! I am in the road right now driving it home from Austin, Texas, were it was being sold on consignment at Sportsmobile Texas.  The previous owner was a college professor, Mr. Dewey, thus the name, from Fort Worth. from the looks of it he hardly ever went camping and took very good care of it. the van has just over 37,000 miles and all the cities for Drew and I to go to mountain bike races away from home in comfort!
Here are a few pictures. I was really excited picking it up!
It is not easy on gas though. Good thing gas is cheap in Texas. Still, $93 to fill up.
Drew had to work this weekend, so I only have my faithful companion Jean Luc Piccard to take in the Texas panhandle's many historic sites.
The inside has a sink, microwave, water heater, toilet, and two beds, although one is took short for either Drew our me. 
My first night was at Abilene State Park. It rained a lot and I was cozy and dry with hot water. The luxury! At least compared to a tent.
Taking a little break in Lubbock right now before I push into Colorado. Big day of driving today. Dewey take me home.

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