Sunday, September 29, 2013

Dewey is home and working for us

The first night on the road I stayed at Abilene State Park.  I pulled in after dark and hit the road moderately early, so I didn't see any of the park, but I must say it was rather convenient to plug into the "shore power" and hop back into my cozy-mobile to fall asleep to the sound of rain pitter pattering on the pop-top.  I slept very soundly. Much more so than on the ground in a tent.  And getting up to answer the call of nature in the middle of the night - oh, so convenient when you have a toilet in house!

On my second day of driving I made it from Abilene to Castle Rock, Colorado, where sister Di lives.  I almost didn't want to sleep on the very soft, clean, warm bed because sleeping in Dewey is so much fun.  But the shower - oh yeah!  It was great to visit with Di and Tod and have a civilized glass of wine with them.

Day three was Denver to Dinosaur National Monument on the border of northern Utah and Colorado.  Again, I was lulled to sleep by the sound of rain, but the morning looked moderately promising for my planned hike.  I took off out of the campground,

Camping at Dinosaur National Monument

And motored to the Split Mountain campground.  Wow, the geology!!!

Flatirons (yellow) and tilted strata (red) are exposed on the south flank of an anticline

About a quarter of the way into my 5 mile hike, the rain started again.  I was determined to get some exercise after so many hours driving, so I persevered.  I got pretty wet, and more than a little concerned when thunder and lightening broke out and I had to hike in the drainage, which had obviously flash flooded during the previous week's tremendous storms.

I lived another day to drive the home stretch to SLC.

Max meets Dewey

Dewey did not get much rest.  5 days after coming home Drew and I took him up to Park City to camp out while we coached our team at the 2nd high school mountain bike race. It was around 30 degrees at night.  Dewey has no heat other than the van engine.  It was very chilly.  Will have to work on that.

Bedding down to enjoy a 30 degree night.

Our little van is fun to play house in.  Even more fun is kicking back int he swivel captains chairs to enjoy a cold one from the in-house fridge after a long day of coaching.  Now you know the real reason we bought him!

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