Sunday, May 11, 2014

6 Hours of Temecula

Since it is spring and I either want to be riding my bike or working in my yard but it is too cold and wet outside, I will reminisce about biking times past.  Here is a report on a trip we did to Temecula, California in January.

Seven Team Revolution Racers made the journey to Temecula to ride or race the 6 Hours of Temecula. Drew drove his car from Las Vegas.  I flew on stand-by to Orange County and Drew picked me up and we drove the last couple of hours.  Our teammates all drove the 12 hours from SLC.  That is how bad they wanted out of Utah winter. 

Temecula is in southern California. It was January. No coincidence.

Evidence of the severe drought.  Very dry trails and landscapes.

Pre ride fun-ness.
Sunshine and dirt beats air pollution and snow.

The Utah contingent hooks up with the director of the So Cal High School MTB League for dinner.

My goal in the 6 hour race was really just to ride as long as I could and not damage my out-of-shape getting-old body.  I started slow, like in the back, but passed people as I kept plugging along.  I felt really good until the end of lap 4, at which point I was tired, my back hurt, and I wanted a beer, but in the interest of my original goal, I didn't want to give up when there was still time for me to complete another lap before the 6 hour time cut, so I went out for a 5th.  I finished my race with 4 hours 58 minutes of racing.  The last lap had taken me more than 1:02 so I knew I couldn't get another in, which gave me time to take pictures of my teammates and, of course, have that beer.

Drew finishing 6 laps.

Bob finishing 7? laps

Doug, Drew, Karl and Sally. All done.
Part of the reason to travel to races is this:
Chilling out after the race with otherwise off-a-healthy-diet goodies and beer.

When Bob checked the results board, Drew and I were both flabbergasted that we were in the top 4 in our respective categories!

Drew on the podium in 2nd place in Clydesdale (200+ lbs)!!

Sally in 2nd and me in 4th out of 19 racers in the women 35+ age group.
 In addition to our medals, Drew also won some goodies in the raffle.
Drew with his winnings.

All in all, a fun race and a good time.


  1. Thanks for the review. I am somewhat local but have not done this ride before. If one is not camping, is there room to hang out near the vehicle with a camp chair and still be close to the action - or is a camp site required?

    1. James,
      There is some parking near the action for those that are not camping but I don't remember a great place to set up a camp chair near those vehicles. There were many that we not camping though and had camp chairs along the race course.