Monday, May 26, 2014

Shred Oregon Day 1

We embarked today on an 11 day trip to ride the best trails in Oregon. 
Embarkation was not easy.  This week I spent a ton of time getting Dewey ready for the trip.  Many hours sleuthing problems and finally help from Access RV diagnosed a short in the water heater.  Then a dead battery.  Nearly $200 later and at least 5 hours late from departure time, we were underway. 

First stop Boise.  Rumors of great riding in the foothills turned out to be true.  Perfect riding weather, hills the color of emeralds, and wildflowers in a shade of indigo I have never seen.  Great way to loosen up the legs after 5 hours of driving. 


Then delicious beers at 13th Street Pub before bedding down at an RV park for the night.  We missed seeing my cousin but the timing didn't work out with the holiday weekend. Bummer.

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  1. Glad we at least got to have coffee. Your pictures make me think may I better try to limp up the foothills. :)