Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Ireland day 2: ultra cool rocks and bridges

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Blogging from poor internet is not working. 

Today's pictures loaded from last to first. To rearrange them would take more than the hour that I've already spent uploading them.

We finished dthe day at Fisherman's In. In St joeseph. Best fish and chips I've ever had, and off sale to boot. 

Giant's causeway: I don't know what else to say but AMAZING. columnar jointing on steroids. Plus hiking. On columnar jointing. Extra amazing. 

The landform is one of the coolest I've set foot on. 

Before that was Carrick-a-rede swinging rope bridge.

Also a geologically cool place because, not only is there a fun rope bridge, but the ruins nearby are from a limestone/lime plant from pre-WWI days AND the adjacent black dolomitic limestone(?) wasquarried and shipped to Europe before WWI.

Here is the morning drive. Drew was in charge of pictures as we drove through Belfast.

After 1.5 days, I just gotta say, Ireland rocks!

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