Sunday, November 2, 2008


Drew was able to trade his trip so we got to celebrate Halloween together. We drug the fire pit to the front yard, positioned the Tiki torches in a position to add the most danger and excitement to the little goblins begging for candy, and drank beer while doling out fuel for tooth-eating bacteria.
We had Matt, the blow-up monkey to help hand out the candy. He was a big hit with the kiddies.

Our costumes were last minute, OK? We were "The Ghosts of Wolverine Ridge". Wolverine Ridge is where the last race of the Intermountain Cup Mountain Bike Race series has been held forever. Next year, this important race is being moved to a different location. I am very sad about this development because I really liked that course and it was always a lot of fun to go camp out and make a weekend out of it. Who wouldn't love a race with free microbrew beer at the awards ceremony and FIREWORKS as prizes! Our biking friends will recognize the t-shirts from the race, and hopefully join us in our period of mourning.

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